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18 August 2009 @ 07:37 am
whyyy am I at uni this early in the morning? nngah :/
driven crazy last night by family. I work all the time, study the rest, and what I have left over I spend by being out, doing something. It can make me runned down and stressed sometimes, but in all truth I get sad, lonely and unproductive when I spend a large amount of time in my family home with the 3 other people in it. I fight with my mum too, and my dad weighs in telling me i'm an idiot and he's disappointed. they really are crappy like 5-10% of the time. the rest they are great.

I am a lot more happy gliding in and out, my independence is heightened by having a car and everything. I enjoy my work and so i'm more happy just to do that. or if i'm home, it's much nicer to have the house all to myself, which is more likely to happen if I have time off in the middle of the day. Then I can work or do whatever propped up on my bed, with the sun streaming in from my large window. and it's nice to be by myself.

basically when i've been getting frustrated, i've been projecting the energy to work on J's present, which i hope he really likes... it's his birthday on thursday, and I still have a lot fo bits to finish before then... and little time with which to do it!

all you guys ever get from me is complaining... sorry :( i'll be all chirpy when my ordered new laptop arrives to replace the dead one.