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28 August 2008 @ 06:12 pm

some assorted crushed concrete and things ouside my friends apartment at southbank... wet day

things from J's 19th drinks, I love the blonde girl to deathhh, but her boyfriend-thing is suchhh a tosspot!

puppy school witha friend, hehe. the dog is a cocker spaniel and poodple (spoodle) called crumpet, and has suchhh a pretty face.

this is the kinda of funny stuff mum sells on ebay lolol

one half of my wardrobe, my shared bathroom with kate (such a snuggle to keep clean by myself...) and the really kate can be so annoying to live with - her messy habits!!

the area jsut outside my bedroom door upstairs, a biiig window (above is a small area of purple roof... weird I know), and thats what you get when you look over the railing, our bigass front door

my bed (remade with pretty spring purple covers now!), and the view from one half of my big window (bascally all to the right of my bed, if i'm on my back, is a wall of window)

a weird period of rainy-ness, this is a view from richmond station, where i switch trains to one heading to uni. its all busy but nice, the station is high up and very exposed to cold, though

more richmond.... you can see some skyskrapers from the cbd (central business district, a.k.a the city), and more wet cars/road

eerie sub-level tunnel you walk around in to pick a platform. often smells like pee and is not nice.

scrabble with some friends after a dinner out.... i was winning but then someone pulled out 'yipe' and totally kicked our asses

one side view of sunny window again, and thats kinda whats on the other side... the pinky tree is blossoms <3 that house over there is a hugeeee unattractive barn thing with zero garden, but they do have a nice old retriever called sid vicious (he actually 'smiles', but it scared people because it looks like he wants to kill you...)

aaand yeah :) what would you like to see photos of? I kinda lack inspiration of what to show...