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24 August 2010 @ 11:52 am
leaks, power surges/cuts, total roof replacement, a week with no heating, only half our lights working, internet breaking 4 times, voip phone not working AGAIN, antenna repairs, door measuring and ordering......wargh!

we're pretty settled, pretty happy, still haven't found anything close to a routine yet as most scraps of time have been eaten up and my baseline stress levels have been boosted with all this crap with tradies. and now they have even cracked a windom of my neighbour and I have to go apologise and explain they'll fix it. so mad and have been so bothered by it all :(

J turned 21 last friday, and despite the builders on the roof, cold and dark I still tried to give him brekky in bed and a special day. drinks with highschool people etc went well, and last night we managed somehow to cope with 14 of his family members coming over and having a contribution feast dinner in our little unit. J seemed really happy, so I was relieved and happy too. His group pressie was a huge impressive tv! will be great once we can watch tv series and game on it, ohoh <3 this is the last week of winter and sometimes it's even SUNNY, which does so much for my mood :)

love you, thinking of you most days. xx