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15 September 2008 @ 06:21 pm

yeahh, pizza's on the waaay!
weekend included seeing Wicked(very awesome, lots of fun), and going to the funeral for the friends' dad. a very nice service. there were a few tears, and my friends himself is worryingly empty of emotion. we're looking after him, though.

handed in a jap essay (instructions on how to cook Snickerdoodles, my specialty bikky, haha) and did astoundingly well on an excel microsoft test for my systems subject, considering i'm le stupido with I.T stuff. relievingly, next week I get a whole week off to study for my mid-semester exams. i'll also get to do some fun stuff, and everything.

life is awesome, and exciting, when it isn't stressful, and worrying. ain't that the way it always is... xx