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09 November 2008 @ 11:01 pm
I am a big flumpy flump of tired :( Officially now, from tomorrow, it is my week of hardcore preparation before the week of my 3 exams. bascially, it's all going to be okay, and im just waiting, in jittery frustration, for the days to clock over so I can have mu juicy 4 monthish break! uni is so nuts like that.

I went out to a gay bar/club thing called A Bar Called Barry, and had a completely awesome night out. basically, I do the bar/club thing... hm, once a month max? I budget pretty closely, don't have tons of time, and I know with who, and when, that i'd have a good time of it. but this time was really great, bruising, exhausting fun. I still have no idea how the friends that go out 2+ a week do it though. the money, the energy...?

I really need to have a) a lot of veggies to eat 2) cold water to drink and 3) at least 8 hours sleep. and I have NO IDEA how people in my age group elect to have less than that, very regularly, from choice. 

i'm still tired, i'm still worn out, and my brain and my schedule are crammed so full. please be over soon, o' cruel period of vauely annoying, semi-challenging, super-guilting academic time-limited task of high-stress. >:( !!