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15 September 2008 @ 06:21 pm

yeahh, pizza's on the waaay!
weekend included seeing Wicked(very awesome, lots of fun), and going to the funeral for the friends' dad. a very nice service. there were a few tears, and my friends himself is worryingly empty of emotion. we're looking after him, though.

handed in a jap essay (instructions on how to cook Snickerdoodles, my specialty bikky, haha) and did astoundingly well on an excel microsoft test for my systems subject, considering i'm le stupido with I.T stuff. relievingly, next week I get a whole week off to study for my mid-semester exams. i'll also get to do some fun stuff, and everything.

life is awesome, and exciting, when it isn't stressful, and worrying. ain't that the way it always is... xx

28 August 2008 @ 06:12 pm
27 August 2008 @ 11:10 pm

no sooner had I recieved a spirit-lifting letter from steff-love, another arrived today! i'm so spoiled :3 I happily chomped a small omelette while enjoying the letter (not eating). <3!

I sent off another for her today and some for my lucky others! All this letter-writing makes me really wish I had lots of cute stamps. so many we have around here are so boring, but it's superfluous for me to buy cute ones :< also when i mail to england I need $1.90, so because the standard national cost is 50c, all we haev around is a lottt of 50c ones. which means my envelopes get so junked up with 4 x 50c ones arrgh D:!!

babysat the cuteness that is 5 y.o harrison and 2 y.o kira. so cute to see her growing up since being borned :<!! I love that harrison has such a nice little kid smell, cause he's really snuggly when I put him to bed for story reading -o-! the only things I worry about when i'm nanny-ing there is when harrison has asthma acting up, or harley (the incredibly senile and kinda can't walk pooch) starts barking at things that aren't really there and worrying me there's an intruder.

a you-could-call-it-a-friend person is trying to get J to pick up(buy) his tabs of acid he isn't going to use before moving house. the price of admission for dating me is that nothing above shrooms or green is done. not much more to say, other than my hackles are raised in trepidation.

which reminds me of the confusing sadness of two young parents I watched today. they look... the classic kind of parents everybody wants NOT to have a kid. I really wish my first impression wasn't so mean like that.. but it was.obviously they are loving of their kid it seemed, the elaborate pram, the toys everywhere... but then my heart sank as I saw the bourbon nestled amongst the toy bunnies. it just looked so sad.

I have to make a lotttt of biscuits for this weekend, i'm thinking of road-testing a recipe for lime sugar cookies. people seem to like things with a citrus bite to them, where as my favourites are always straight-up sweet ;)!

here's a picture from the sunshine of last sunday xx

26 August 2008 @ 11:14 pm
it's only 3 days left to go before spring!! aieee!

I had a pretty average day that ended with not-so-unusual me vs. mum grumbles, so was in a grey rainclouds kinda mood. then lo and behold, a cutiful letter from steff! <3 <3 <3 ahhh, it made me feel so much better D:

so i enjoyed that all to myself in my room while I sulked, then gave schoolwork the finger and just played awesome okami the rest of the night.

officially, J and I will be going to thailand next year, feb 1st till feb the 11th! we even got flights on frequent fliers (with my dads work, he collects a shitload), so the tickets were an amazing $400AUS each!! only catch is that we're telling a leeetle white lie; J is listed as my de facto partner!! ahahaaa

 it's a little bit naughty, but after booking we double and triple-checked, and quantas itself promised it'd all be okay and we wont be jailed or anything. :0 so we get to play pretend or something haha, which all has my dad looking, you know, worried. ;)
13 August 2008 @ 08:17 am


I totally did well on a job interview yesterday. i'm looking to get the pharmacy assistant position at national pharmacies. it's perfect, except that I don't study cosmetology, pharmeceuticals, or nursing. great perks like samples, teehee! they also give free monthly training in mother and child health, diabetes, cosmetics, first aid, wound dressing etc. all things I would really like knowing about.

I get a call next week to find out how I went, and I did my best so here's hoping!

working out my finances, I can/will be able to afford thailand with J next year. i'm treating myself a little and likely going to the 'game on' costumed melbourne uni party coming up, which costs a bit, as well as potentially dipping down for a week in torquay in december with some friends, while also costs a bit.

working at a good place, in a good position, for good pay ($15 an hour starting, wow haha), would really make me feel good and help me a lot for all my future plotting, rawr.

uni just started, and I always accidentally write accounting as accunting. freudian slip D:

I have my final drivers test (for probationary) on friday morning, and i'm hoping so hard that I get it :/!! that night is drinks out for J's 19th, then I might get to meet his fathers parents the next day! two years almost together, and i've never seen them... due to being farrr away, and his grandmother having alzheimers, which upsets J. I hope to make a good impression and do some cross-stitch with her, or somesuch.

it'll be great to see kat on sunday hehe, we're goign to the doggylympics for her puppy school yeah yeahh!

shake me down lots of mental luck guys, i'm having a reallyyy busy week and am in need of it~~